Here’s the story in a nutshell: 

1. Stopped working for the man.

2. Discovered – by accident – that while working for the man I had developed quite a marketing mindset.

3. Became a student.  Again.  But this time via self-study, using the world wide web.  Much faster than the other approach, with no student loans required.

4. Learned how to create blogs and use them effectively to promote businesses.  Social Media tornado ensued.

5. Partnered with friends & increased their results online and off. 

6. Was referred to business owners who knew they should be using the web more effectively to promote their services.  But they didn’t want to battle the learning curve – and they didn’t  know who they could trust to do it for them.

7. Eventually succumbed to their repeated requests to pay me for my expertise.

8. Happily ever after.

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