My Very Own Rock Star Life

by Michelle on August 26, 2010

Get this: I have a rock star life. And I didn’t even know it.

Sure, there’s a lot of good stuff in my life, and I’m quite appreciative of it: my fantastically-supportive husband, my much-too-wise-to-be-only-eight-years-old daughter, my crazy-wonderful extended family & friends, a comfortable home that will be paid for in 10 years, time and financial flexibility that I didn’t foresee having before age 65, and a growing self-awareness of which Plato would be proud.

But “Rock Star”? I never would have called it that. Until I read Johnny’s post on the subject.

Johnny suggests that we work-from-home-internet-types stop focusing on the yachts & jetsetting ideals that many of the internet marketing gurus model, as it can limit us in our quest for online success. I previously worked for a marketer who touted these ideals, and I met many of the gurus who were chasing and presenting their own Rock Star lives to their followers.

Much yachting and jetsetting was involved. Flying to private islands. Showing off the coveted American Express Black Card (officially called the “Centurion” card, they all referred to it as “the black card” as it was made of titanium and coated in a black sheen).

Good-natured one-ups-man-ship on the Rock Star Evaluation Scale occurred in nearly every communication. I wasn’t comfortable in this arena and chose to shrink back quite a bit, eventually leaving the team and going out on my own.

With those experiences in my past, taking Johnny’s advice and letting go of that definition of a Rock Star Life was not a problem for me.

Since my family’s current financial goals involve plunking my earnings directly into our double-mortgage payment each month, the yacht-owning isn’t really my thing. A kayak? Got one. But a yacht? No thanks.

Johnny encourages us to define our own idea of a rock star life, and then begin noticing what we already have that fits into it. In the days since reading that post, I’ve realized that I do indeed have a rock star life.

I’ve compiled a short list of my own to illustrate:

  • I can sleep the day away if I choose. Of course, I won’t do that because there is just too much I want to learn, see and do in this world to spend an entire day in bed. But maybe a nap would be good. The point is I could do it if I chose to. And I hadn’t realized that previously. Just knowing that I could adds a bit of Rock Star feeling to my day.
  • A friend wants to meet for lunch? No problem. I might have to shift some work into late evening or early morning in order to do it spontaneously, but I can do it if I want to. No clock to punch, no boss or co-workers to whom to explain a 2-hour lunch break. That is so. Totally. Rock Star. 
  • Twice a month I receive acupuncture treatments in the pursuit of optimal health. I haven’t had a cold or illness in over a year now, a timeframe that includes the height of the Swine Flu scare in Arizona. I have spent two mornings in bed this year; one from eating something bad, and the other from drinking something(s) bad. But overall, health that is so great (and taken for granted!) that I nearly forgot to put it on this list? Definite Rock Star-ness involved.
  • I own seven bras. Count them, seven. And one is hot pink, matching a skirt I own. For a girl who has always had just 2-3 bras at a time – which came in only white, beige, or (gasp!) black – having seven bras to choose from definitely falls into my new definition of Rock Star. 
  • My utility payments are set up on auto-pay. I didn’t think about how cool that is until the day I noticed that a payment kiosk at the grocery store was temporarily offline for maintenance. Within five minutes there were six people waiting in line to pay their electric bill. I overheard a few comments like, “I’d come back later, but my payment is due by 5PM today, and I can’t afford another late fee.” Much foot-tapping ensued until the kiosk was up and running again. I can’t even tell you what when my auto-pay hits our checking account each month – the money is just there. So I guess I’ll classify that as Rock Star, too.
  • Spending after-school time with my daughter focused on her instead of packing in the errands and phone calls which seemed crucial when I held a job. I distinctly remember the day I barked at my 4 year-old, “Get in the car, we’re in a hurry!” and she replied with a sigh, “Mom, we’re always in a hurry.” That was a turning point for me.

I’ve identified a few others: taking my teen nieces snowboarding, occasionally picking up my toddler nieces after preschool, providing the lodging for vacations with friends & family, giving small “this reminded me of the time that…” gifts to friends & acquaintances. 

He’s right – I do have a Rock Star Life. My Rock Star Life.

Thanks for helping me see that, Johnny.

Have a list of your own? Tell me all about it!

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larryvq August 26, 2010 at 8:06 PM

I think the Rock Star life would include getting drunk and waking up hungover every other night. I prefer your clear-headed, well rested method instead. But as a marketer, I think you should come up with a jazzy name for this better choice.
larryvq´s last [type] ..I Have A Case of the Run-Goods

Michelle August 26, 2010 at 9:54 PM

Enlightened Endurance? Savvy Surviving? An Indulgent Existence? Perhaps I’ll go with ‘My Kickass Quest’. Or maybe I should just go to bed?

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